The Everyday Adventures of Cernunnos' Kid (cers_kid) wrote,
The Everyday Adventures of Cernunnos' Kid

xmas party at cers_kid's house!!

cers_kid</strong> drank 15 goldschlagers, 14 vodkas, 13 absinthes, 15 mescals, 14 aftershocks and 4 coffee liqueurs.

cers_kid</strong> made violent love with nalidoll</strong> on top of the television.

cers_kid</strong> - "Sober???? Is that a type of tequila. Give us a lick!"

deza</strong> drank 14 aftershocks, 13 ciders, 11 brandys, 10 champagnes, a pernod and 12 vermouths.

deza</strong> was expelled from the house at 7am for taking a piss in a fishtank

wireworkelf</strong> drank a red wine, 9 rums, 15 vermouths, 4 mescals, 14 tequilas and 15 pernods.

Contrary to popular belief wireworkelf</strong> firmly assured the room that they have never considered following "Reindeer Blowing" as a proper career.

s0lstyce</strong> drank 15 tequilas, 12 stouts, 13 absinthes, 6 whiskeys and 11 champagnes.

travelinkat</strong> drank 5 mint juleps, 4 ales, 13 rums, 14 bloody marys, 6 brandys and 13 white russians.

mossygreen</strong> drank 9 cosmopolitans, 2 white russians, 2 poteens, 13 irish creams, 14 pilsners and 9 mint juleps.

bean_drui</strong> drank 9 lagers, 14 pernods, 7 hot toddys and 12 gins.

burlapdragon</strong> drank 10 vermouths, 11 ciders, 14 white wines, 2 cosmopolitans and 3 hot toddys.

nightsashke</strong> drank 4 vermouths, 8 rums, 6 ciders, a sherry and 12 pernods.

kaelgreen</strong> drank a mescal, 13 vermouths, 12 ales and 4 champagnes.

nalidoll</strong> drank 15 everclears and 14 gins.

chry</strong> drank 13 sambuccas, 3 white wines and 8 vodkas.

7 people thought it would be a wise idea to donate their stomach contents to cers_kid</strong>'s kitchen floor!

Xmas Party?

Drunken fights, hammer attacks, glorious turkeys, ridiculous amounts of alcohol, sex, drugs and rock n roll

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