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Well, it is FINALLY here....

Ordered a book from Barnes and Noble on December 27...they told me it would be here after a couple days wait. I checked back with them before the end of the Secular Year and they told me that it would definately be in by the 6th of January. So, yesterday, I wander into B&N, and what do they have for me. MY BOOK!

What, praytell, did I order? Considering that I lost my original copy of this and knowing that I have lots of projects involving the designs in this book, I had to purchase my SECOND copy of "Celtic Charted Designs."

So, in the wee hours of the morning, I started my cross-stitch project, while watching Total Recall.

Yes, I can cross-stitch. I actually enjoy it to a point...although, I wish I could get it done IMMEDIATELY. I lose all sorts of patience when I am actually working on a project (be it chain-maile, sewing, or whatever.)

oh well...back to stitching.
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